Guilty pleasures on Annie’s Launch

Guilty pleasures on Annies Launch

We are wondering what this cocktail on Annie's Launch says about our guests?

We are wondering what this cocktail on Annie’s Launch says about our guests?

We love this article ‘What Your Drink Says About You: First Date Tips From A Bartender’
By Tiffany McHugh
The original article is here

A good first-date-first-impression is almost as essential as a strong first-date-cocktail. Maybe you’re tired of being the bad boy, and you really want to wow this girl with some newfound, genuine charm. Or, maybe you’re sick of being given the girl-next-door treatment, and you’re more interested in seeming every bit the sexy-siren this evening.

Either way, tons of consideration goes into the type of vibe you’re trying to send. Once your outfit is picked, your meeting place secured, and your transportation arranged, it’s time to move on to the promise land, otherwise known as the bar. So, what do you order? We decided to leave this one up to the professionals and get some firsthand advice from a couple of bartenders who have seen it all.

Read on to see what your first-date-drink says about you!

Bay Breeze
Just as red wine screams seduction, and house wine screams cheap, fruity drinks like this one scream, “I just discovered my parents’ liquor cabinet.”

“Girls that order Malibu Bay Breezes are idiots,” says John. Jeez, a little harsh? Absolutely, but he is onto something. “Seriously, it’s like ‘ooh, a fruity drink!’ but then really, it’s all sugary juice, hardly any alcohol, and a surefire hangover.”
One thing is for sure: guys love a girl who can enjoy a cold beer. “Personally, I think it’s awesome when a girl orders a beer, especially when they want to hear the specials,” says Nick. “It shows that you’re not limited to just one type of drink, and I think it’s more attractive when someone is into being surprised by switching it up with a different type of

“But then there’s also Craft-Beer-Guy,” says John. “He wants to hear every single weird beer that we serve, and then tries to act like a snob talking about the hint of lemon-zest this one has, or how hoppy that one is.” Not every restaurant is a brewery, and he ranks Craft-Beer-Guy one step below the Red Wine Swirl-and-Sniffer.
White Wine
Both bartenders were in agreement that white wine is the more feminine pour of the two. “Women tend to be the white wine drinkers in here, and honestly it has a lot more to do with the selection of the wine than the fact that she’s ordering it,” says Nick.

John agrees that ordering a glass of white wine isn’t as significant as the type of white wine that you ask for.

What’s the biggest mistake that patrons make when requesting their vino of choice? Ordering a glass of the house blend. “People who order house wine are being frugal,” says John.

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Annie's Launch cruising restaurant, with guests enjoying a glass of wine on the cruising deck before their entree, during a cruise along the river Stort in Hertfordshire U.K.

Annies Launch cruising restaurant customers enjoy a glass of wine before their entree during a cruise along the river Stort in Hertfordshire U.K.

Aromatic duck salad served on vine leaves, in a decorative blue shallow glass bowl

The front deck of Annie's Launch cruising restaurant set for a dining experience. Aromatic duck salad tossed in truffle oil, served on vine leaves, in a decorative blue shallow glass bowl standing on hand painted serving mats. Complimented with flowers, and hand decorated glasses finished with 23 carat gold leaf.

Hand decorated champagne flute and bottle of champagne with fibre glass globe artistic sculpture on the river Stort

A sculpture in fibre glass by John Lewis provides the backdrop for a hand decorated champagne flute and bottle of champagne, on Annie's Launch floating and cruising restaurant, at the home mooring in Parndon Mill.

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