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We at Annie’s Launch are very interested in Happiness. Met Heather Prince, who visited us last year and this is her interesting Blog from her website (Heather…


I just bumped into someone I’ve known for over 20 years and he asked what work I do and when I answered Life Coaching, he frowned and said what’s that?

So let me explain. I incorporate more than 1 style of therapy when working with clients it’s bespoke to their unique needs. The main aim is to clear ‘stuff’ that’s blocking them moving forward to live the life of their dreams.

I began running a Meditation group over 15 years ago when my 3 kids were little. Numerous clients were dealing with marriage break ups, financial challenges, weight issues and old deep rooted beliefs that we’re blocking them moving forward positively.

When my youngest son had challenges in school, I wrote ‘I am indigo’ and this has now gone Global as an E-book. My work as a therapist then developed and I worked with many mums dealing with parenting issues.

The main issue has been clients just not FEELING happy, so I’ve recorded a Happiness Meditation APP.

After my marriage ended, I’ve worked with many clients who have relationship issues and helped them forward.

I work for people all over the world via email, skype or FaceTime. Or one-to-one for those near Loughton, Essex.

If you or someone you know is unwell, has addiction (even sugar), or has family with addiction, needs relationship support, has a broken relationship, wants weight loss, or needs stress management – please contact me.

I find the root cause and push the DELETE button.
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Annie's Launch cruising restaurant, with guests enjoying a glass of wine on the cruising deck before their entree, during a cruise along the river Stort in Hertfordshire U.K.

Annies Launch cruising restaurant customers enjoy a glass of wine before their entree during a cruise along the river Stort in Hertfordshire U.K.

Aromatic duck salad served on vine leaves, in a decorative blue shallow glass bowl

The front deck of Annie's Launch cruising restaurant set for a dining experience. Aromatic duck salad tossed in truffle oil, served on vine leaves, in a decorative blue shallow glass bowl standing on hand painted serving mats. Complimented with flowers, and hand decorated glasses finished with 23 carat gold leaf.

Hand decorated champagne flute and bottle of champagne with fibre glass globe artistic sculpture on the river Stort

A sculpture in fibre glass by John Lewis provides the backdrop for a hand decorated champagne flute and bottle of champagne, on Annie's Launch floating and cruising restaurant, at the home mooring in Parndon Mill.

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